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Imagining Better Worlds

One of the questions I see sci-fi authors getting a lot is this: Why is your book still so full of misogyny? What's with the patriarchy? The heternormativity? Can't you imagine a world without …

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C. L. Feindel grew up in a quiet suburb of Houston, Texas, often seeking adventure at the local library with wizards, knights, spies, and gunslingers. Though she always enjoyed storytelling herself, particularly through theatre and film, she attended the University of Houston for degrees in psychology and history with a focus on early civilization and an eye toward a career in research. After graduating in 2010, her life-long struggles with undiagnosed autoimmune diseases led to the founding of the whole-foods blog A Clean Plate and she now works full-time as a recipe developer, photographer, and freelance web and graphic designer. In her spare time, she pens fiction and plays tabletop games with her husband Noah Mowry, who shares her passion and talent for world-building, character development, and genre-blending. She currently resides in central Texas and has a cat named Starbuck.


Interviewed by H. T. Lyon

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by H. T. Lyon, aspiring author. We talked about book covers, what defines success, why I write sci-fi, and how much research goes into it. You can read the full …

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Interviewed by Ash Litton

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by Ash Litton, the author of Appalachian Dream Tales. We talked about writing tools and strategies, social media marketing, and the advantages of self-publishing. …

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Interviewed by Tabitha Chirrick

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by Tabitha Chirrick, the author of Overshadowed. We talked about self-publishing, balancing writing with marketing, my preference for e-books versus print, and my …

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Early Praise for the Revenant