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Interviewed by Imogen Keeper

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by Imogen Keeper, the author of the The Bonding. We talked about my favorite authors, the editing process, what I love so much about my main character, Grayson, …

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Early Praise for the Revenant


Bringing Nurturing Art to WordPress

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Rita Loyd, an artist who was tired of the work involved to update her Dreamweaver site. Aside from converting her existing site to a Wordpress site, she wanted a …

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Set Up Your Website in Ten Minutes Flat

Just getting started as a blogger? Or maybe you're looking to set up a brochure, portfolio, or storefront for your business or hobbies? It's easier than you might think! This quick guide will walk you …

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The Fresh Perspective WordPress Theme

The Fresh Perspective Genesis Wordpress Theme is a bright, feminine burst of white and pink perfect for any visual artist looking for a beautiful blog design and portfolio. This theme is available for …

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C. L. Feindel was born in Houston, Texas, where she was raised on fantasy novels, the Sega Genesis, and Xena: Warrior Princess. She received degrees in history and psychology from the University of Houston and has worked for gift shops, art suppliers, the federal government, and a New York Times-Bestselling author. Throughout all of this, she maintained a food-and-health blog to chronicle her experiences with autoimmune disease and now works full time as a writer, recipe developer, and photographer at A Clean Plate. She also freelances in editing, graphic design, and webmastering. In her spare time, she pens fiction, catches up on all of the non-Sega video games she missed, and plays tabletop RPGs with her husband, Noah, who shares her passion and talent for world-building, character development, and genre-blending. They currently reside with a cat named Starbuck in central Texas, where they are presumably brainstorming their next grand adventure.